A search for simplicity, beauty and well done.

More than just a children’s skincare brand, Minois Paris is for parents in search of a more responsible lifestyle and who are acutely aware of the quality of products and the expertise of the people who make them.

The decision to make our products in France came from our desire to provide solid guarantees on the source and the quality of our products.

Our formulas are created with our laboratories following a highly specific charter. We develop really gentle formulas using natural, organic ingredients. We create products which have a short list of ingredients that are easy to identify and suitable for little children’s delicate skin.

Here at Minois, we also believe that our products should not simply be beyond reproach in terms of their composition, but also effective and pleasant to use. Our teams search for the best blends possible and create effective skincare products without compromising on the sensory aspects, such as pleasant textures, delicate fragrances and attractive packaging...

Minois Paris offers a line of natural care for babies and children, suitable from birth, made in France with the highest standards.

Hélène Fulchi, founder of Minois Paris

Always with children in mind and passionate about cosmetics, Hélène had been thinking about creating a children’s skincare brand for a long time.

After her daughter Paz was born, she decided to take the plunge with Minois, after having worked for almost 10 years in the communications and media industry. A new mum with a great sense of responsibility, Hélène looked for products for her daughter which were perfect in terms of composition, effective in terms of results and stylishly designed.

She realised that it was very difficult to find products which combined all of these criteria. And so Minois came into the world! Skincare with a transparent approach, a list of ingredients which is easy to read and understand and an attractive brand identity.

Our natural skincare routine